Syria: The Situation up to This Point

Instead of attempting to write a huge essay describing everything that has been happening up to this point, or writing articles on things that are already old news, I will provide a summary of the situation in Syria up to this point, and then attempt to follow the current news in real time with future articles.  If time permits, I will explain in more detail the things I simply state in this article, especially if they pertain to a newer development.  For now, I just need to start somewhere.  If you want to know more about a specific point, research on the Internet yourself using the key information I present.

A force for democracy, or so they say…

  • Currently death squads are operating in Syria.  The idea that the Syrian government is killing civilians in a mass genocide is a (rather poor) big lie.
  • Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, and loosely China all back Assad and international law.
  • Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, USA, England, and France are the aggressors.
  • The death squads are failing to take over Syria.
  • USA now attempts to do a direct war in Syria.
  • Russia will not let them and attempts to convince others not to allow it.

Israeli agents are the primary organizers and motivation for this entire operation, for they permeate the Western banks, military, government, and media, all of which are required for the operation’s success.  It is in Israel’s interest to see Syria destroyed as a state like Iraq and Libya.

Obama wishes to have USA “lead from behind”, as he did with the war in Libya.  This is not because he is a great person, but rather that he does not want to hurt his image with his political base.  This is not possible this time, because those who would operate in the front (Turkey, England/France) either no longer have the political ability to do so, or simply not a strong enough military.  So USA must lead this time.  But Obama can’t politically do it.  Because of this, Israeli agents attempt to discard him as President, or at the very least, pressure him with any means.

Snowden is a limited hangout operation used to hurt Obama politically, as US citizens associate the related scandal as perpetrated by Obama.  He is now being shown to be an operation to further hurt USA’s relation with China and Russia.  The way he is running through China and Russia makes him appear to be a double agent for one or both of these countries.  This is to frame China and Russia as enemies in the perception of Americans.  This will make the starting a war in Syria, and potentially with Russia and China, an easier “sell”.  In reality he is still working for the US government: a triple agent.  At first a distraction, it seems Snowden is now one in the same with the situation in Syria.

Former CIA agent; and current CIA agent.

If this situation is pursued to a further extreme, a hot war in Syria will be started by US forces, with the two aforementioned sides fighting, possibly escalating to a larger regional war, and potentially a world war.  Let us work to not isolate Russia and to keep a war in Syria from beginning.  Let’s not fight another war for Israel.

Be aware that these are evolving situations and that I have the right to change my opinion at any point when I acquire new information.  However, we can determine the accuracy of my analysis by how often I change my opinion.  (Ideally never.)

A lie from a known liar is often as good as the truth from the honest.


8 thoughts on “Syria: The Situation up to This Point

  1. Thank-you for stating the following clearly and succinctly:
    ‘Currently death squads are operating in Syria. The idea that the Syrian government is killing civilians in a mass genocide is a (rather poor) big lie.’

    If you read my blog, you will see that I have first-hand knowledge of this. Bashar Al Asaad is not the bad guy, here, it’s the terrorists that are committing the real atrocities. I’m am unequivocal in this statement.

    • And let’s not forget who is already funding them openly: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Erdoğan sees himself as the new Atatürk. Saudi Arabia and Qatar support Islam of the most oppressive form.

      • How can I forget where the money is coming from? My husband is Syrian AND a Bashar supporter and even back in 2011 he knew that many of the so-called rebels were Qatari and that it was those countries backing the problems. It’s been an open secret for a long time!

  2. Dreogan, your triple agent theory is provocative and entirely plausible, but how would one ever prove or disprove it? Even if Snowden were to turn up dead, there would be no telling who actually killed him, would there?

    • I think the most convincing argument is that the Jewish media helped cover the things he says. We all know that they black out real whistle-blowers and kill them in their car or whatever. They don’t do big exposes of topics that are big bombshell information. They call you “conspiracy nut” or “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi” or “anti-Semite” etc. I’m not saying what he is saying is false (quite the opposite), but we knew it all already. There is no new information. And it just happens to happen at a critical turning point in Syria (fall of Qusair) and also many financial events. Seems like a distraction mixed with a bunch of political word-games with Russia and China.

  3. All good points, Dreogan. I am looking forward to seeing how this whole situation develops. Also, I’m glad you decided to start a political blog as you mentioned on TP. I’ll be back.

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